The World Wide Web is changing.

Add a third dimension to your website and engage with your visitors in a brand new way. Bring your favorite device and join us to forge the future together!

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The Future of the Web is Immersive

It's not crypto, it's not purely a metaverse project, and no we're not trying to sell you NFTs. Those are all interesting areas of Web3, but this is about building an open and social web for everyone.

What's in a Feature?

We have you covered! Here is a few of the awesome features we provide.

Private Cloud


You can launch the entire Alakazam cloud stack in your own infrastructure under your complete control.

Identity Management


Support for the World’s #1 Identity Platform, Okta, as well as oAuth 2.0.

Easy Collaboration


Collaborating with your team has never been easier as the entire experience runs in your web browser.

Continuous Deployment


Looking to developer custom extensions? We have you covered with CI / CD pipelines for git.

With your $99/mo subscription you get

  • Personalized Website URL
  • Premium Virtual Worlds Packs
  • Full Body and Half Body Avatars
  • Voice, Video, Chat, and Screensharing
  • Up to 30 Concurrent World Participants 
  • ROI Tools to Sell Products and Services
  • Custom Integrations like ReadyPlayerMe
  • Open Source at the Core 
  • We do not sell your data!!
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Are you looking for Enterprise?

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